What’s in season in May? Planting and produce this month

What’s in season in May? Planting and produce this month

While we say goodbye to the last of the spring blossom, May doesn’t disappoint outside. Hedgerows spill over in abundance with frothy cow parsley and fresh green leaves, while seasonal showstoppers take centre stage in the garden, including peonies, wisteria and alliums.

This month also hosts No Mow May, a campaign which encourages gardeners to let their lawn grow wild to support pollinators. Since the 1930s Britain has reportedly lost 7.5 millions acres of meadows and pastures. Now, just 1% of our countryside offers this flower-rich experience for pollinators and insects.

Read on for what’s in season in May, plus plenty of inspiration to help you slow down and make the most of this month.

What produce is in season? Fruits and vegetables in season in May

May means asparagus season! The sought after green spears of asparagus are joined by peas, spring onions, watercress and Jersey Royal new potatoes. Asparagus is a true slow food. The first crop tends to occur three years after planting and the season is fleeting, generally taking place in just a six week window.

Maincrop rhubarb season is also in full swing this month, growing quickly and in abundance. You can also continue to forage wild garlic during May, although the leaves tend to be more flavoursome when they are younger.

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May recipe inspiration:

Seasonal flowers and planting in May

In May, gardeners will be spending time tending to seedlings, planting out dahlia tubers, and much more. It’s also time to sow courgette, broccoli, carrot, squash and beetroot seeds.

This month, there are many more seasonal flowers in bloom, including alliums, peonies, cornflowers, Solomon’s seal, ranunculus and lilac. It’s a particularly purple month with bluebells also putting on a show in early May.

Slow, seasonal living this month

Many of the most beautiful parts of every month and season are fleeting. These short-lived seasonal highlights encourage us to slow down and make the most of them in that moment. Bluebells are one of those highlights that are absolutely worth making time to visit if you’re lucky enough to live nearby.

For more inspiration, head to our guide on how to slow down and find out more about the history of the slow food movement, or visit our May Pinterest board.

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