Slow Living LDN. book club: In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honoré

Slow Living LDN. book club: In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honoré

Welcome back to the Slow Living LDN. book club, a carefully curated source of inspiration which shares the stories and learnings of those who have sought to adopt a slower, more considered lifestyle.

In our fast-paced world, where technology and demands of modern life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and burned out, the Slow Living LDN. book club invites you to take a breath, savour the moment, and explore the values and concepts of slow and seasonal living through the pages of thoughtfully selected books.

Every month, we’re excited to share a book with you that reflects these values. Each primarily non-fiction title explores different perspectives and narratives on slow and seasonal living, aiming to show how a more intentional lifestyle can improve our well-being and strengthen our bond with ourselves and the world around us.

Whether you’re already exploring the slow living movement or are keen to hear inspiration from those who have pressed the pause button themselves, the Slow Living LDN. book club welcomes you to join us as we share the power that lies within the embrace of a slower, more meaningful lifestyle.

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Book 4: In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore

As an award-winning writer, broadcaster and TED speaker, Carl Honoré is one of today’s most prominent advocates and authors of the slow movement.

His own journey to explore a slower, more considered pace of life was sparked when he found himself intrigued by the concept of one-minute bedtime stories. These condensed stories promised to speed up the process of putting his kids to bed. The realisation that he was skimming through life and even seeking shortcuts when spending time with those he cared about most unleashed a curiosity to explore a different way of living. His research is documented through In Praise of Slowness, building to a compelling call to action to adopt ‘slowness’ as an antidote to the fast-paced nature of modern life.

Honoré examines how our culture has become obsessed with speed, efficiency, and productivity, often at the expense of quality, well-being, and fulfilment. In Praise of Slowness covers the origins of our ‘roadrunner’ lifestyles before exploring alternative approaches from slow parenting to slow work.

The toll taken by the hurry-up culture is well documented. We are driving the planet and ourselves towards burnout. We are so time-poor and time-sick that we neglect our friends, families and partners. We barely know how to enjoy things anymore because we are always looking ahead to the next thing.

Carl Honoré, In Praise of Slowness

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Reasons to read In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honoré

In Praise of Slowness is well researched thanks to Honoré’s journalist roots and covers the history and expansion of the slow movement in persuasive depth. It’s one of the most informative titles on the slow movement, while also remaining personal and engaging. As a self-proclaimed ‘speedaholic’, In Praise of Slowness depicts Honoré’s own learnings on his journey to slowing down.

Anyone seeking to better understand the concept of slowing down should have In Praise of Slowness on their reading list.

Quotes from In Praise of Slowness

In Praise of Slowness includes memorable slow living quotes thanks to Honoré’s great knack for words.

  • ‘What the world needs, and what the Slow movement offers, is a middle path, a recipe for marry la dolce vita with the dynamism of the information age. The secret is balance: instead of doing everything faster, do everything at the right speed. Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow. Sometimes somewhere in between.”
  • “The great benefit of slowing down is reclaiming the time and tranquility to make meaningful connections – with people, with culture, with work, with nature, with our own bodies and minds”.
  • “Shifting the mind into lower gear can bring better health, inner calm, enhanced concentration and the ability to think more creatively.”
  • “The central tenet of the Slow philosophy is taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.”
  • “When we rush, we skim the surface, and fail to make real connections with the world or other people.”

In Praise of Slowness is available from major booksellers such as Waterstones sometimes under the shorter ‘In Praise of Slow’. Originally published in 2005.

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