Slow Living LDN. helps people live better, not faster

Founded in London, established in Wiltshire

Slow Living LDN. helps people live better, not faster through carefully crafted content that promotes a meaningful and conscious lifestyle.

To us, slow living is a mindset. It means living with intent and purpose – whatever that looks like for you. We’re here to help you embrace this mindset and live better, not faster.

In our Slow Journal you’ll find inspiration for living a meaningful lifestyle. We’re passionate about seasonal living, consuming consciously and creating a home that supports slow living.

You can get in touch with us at [email protected] and also find us on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter – please do say hello!

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Meet the founder

Slow Living LDN. was founded in 2018 by Beth Crane.

Beth began exploring the concept of slow living after experiencing burnout and subsequently seeking to improve her work/life balance. From slow food to slow interiors, it became clear that the slow living movement encompassed so much more, and overlapped with Beth’s own values.

Beth has spent many years working in digital marketing and digital publishing. She was named a PPA 30 under 30 winner in 2021, and has also won ELLE’s annual writing competition. She has been featured as an expert voice on the topic of slow living for multiple publications, including Metro UK.

In addition to sharing the benefits of adopting a slow living mindset, Beth is passionate about interiors and considered design, and hopes to inspire others to create homes which support slow living. You’ll often find her seeking out treasures at antique shops and flea markets. Beth also loves to cook and host friends and family, making the most of the season’s freshest ingredients.

Why slow down?

We’re constantly in a rush. We’re packing more and more into our already saturated schedules without remembering to enjoy each moment.

We’re pushing ourselves to meet expectations and a consumption-based definition of success that most likely doesn’t fulfil us.

We’re always looking forward and forgetting the here and now.

We’re staying connected at all times, losing hours to social media scrolling and comparison culture, while ignoring those around us.

We’re consuming materials mindlessly because we’re moving so quickly.

We’re risking our sleep quality, mental health and creativity because we’re always on, always moving.

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  • “Be a curator of your life. Slowly cut things out until you’re left only with what you love, with what’s necessary, with what makes you happy.”

    Leo Babauta

Getting started with slow living

  • What is slow living?

    What is slow living?

    New to the concept of slow living? Discover what it means to embrace a slow living mindset.

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  • How to start living slower

    Simple tips for where to start when slowing down and embracing a slow living mindset.

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    How to start living slower

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