Slow Living LDN. book club: Slow Seasons by Rosie Steer

Slow Living LDN. book club: Slow Seasons by Rosie Steer

Welcome to the Slow Living LDN. book club, a carefully curated source of inspiration which shares the stories and learnings of those who have sought to adopt a slower, more considered lifestyle.

In our fast-paced world, where technology and demands of modern life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and burned out, the Slow Living LDN. book club invites you to take a breath, savour the moment, and explore the values and concepts of slow and seasonal living through the pages of thoughtfully selected books.

Each month, we’re sharing an inspiring read with you that’s aligned to these values. Each predominantly non-fiction title will delve into the nuances of slow and seasonal living, examining how living with more intention can enhance our well-being and deepen our connection to ourselves and the natural world around us.

Whether you’re already an advocate of the slow living movement or a curious soul seeking a respite from our always-on culture, the Slow Living LDN. book club welcomes you to join us as we share the power that lies within the embrace of a slower, more meaningful lifestyle.

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Images provided by Rosie Steer

Book 1: Slow Seasons by Rosie Steer

Our very first book is Slow Seasons by Rosie Steer. In the eight chapters which follow the festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year (the solstices, equinoxes and their midpoints), readers will find recipes, activities, crafts and inspiration to savour each micro season. Author Rosie shares how the projects featured in the book are inspired by her own childhood in Scotland, and that reconnecting with traditions and the patterns of nature has helped her navigate today’s fast-paced world and her own mental health challenges.

Reasons to read this book

Both informative and inspiring, Slow Seasons is full of practical activities and recipes, insights into historic seasonal traditions, and nostalgic stories of childhood. For those seeking to become more present and feel a greater sense of connection, Rosie offers a myriad of ways to savour the small seasonal shifts between the major milestones of the holidays we usually celebrate in earnest. For those reading during winter, the narrative is particularly uplifting, reminding us of all that’s to come, while reminding us that, like nature, we too need to use this season to rest.

Rosie shares how she found herself practising mindfulness and slow living through her rediscovery of seasonal rituals. She calls these practices ‘lifelines’, which with family support, medication, therapy, and of course time, she worked through her panic attacks and mental illness.

In Slow Seasons, Rosie’s honest, thoughtful words are interlaced with beautifully illustrated dividing pages. This is a lifestyle book that achieves what many do not. It looks beautiful on your shelves or coffee table and includes plenty of inspiration, while also relaying real emotion and leaving a lasting impact after turning the final page.

A taste of Slow Seasons

  • “For many of us, the pace of the world makes it challenging to slow down and allow bodies and minds time to become accustomed to the colder months. Electricity, lighting and central heating are all modern conveniences that make our Winters easier to survive, of course – but they also mask our inner signals to slow, rest and revive. I’m certain this is why many of us are left feeling low in the Winter months: the world keeps turning and we are expected to carry on at the same pace, lest we be left behind.”
  • “Suddenly the world seems green and glorious. Suddenly everything seems possible. Spring is stirring.”
  • “I know now there is a way that we can slow down and tune into nature’s rhythms to get back to what’s important – to get back to ourselves.”
  • “I strongly believe that a life lived fully is a life lived in the smaller moments.”
  • “The seasons are fluid, ever-changing and evolving, and we are too.”
  • “The way to capture the moment is to slow down and look within, to simplify and celebrate the everyday.”
  • “Whether you’re in the countryside or the city, so much daily magic can be found – you just have to stop, slow down, and look around.”

Slow Seasons is available from major booksellers such as Waterstones, as well as a host of independent bookshops. Originally published in October 2023.

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